Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C

Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C
Cikgu Vijay, BSc (Hons) Uni.Malaya, Masters in Counselling, Currently pursuing Phd in Psychology & MBA

Sunday, 10 May 2015

How important is a role of a  teacher?
Most of the time students absolutely depend on their teachers for guidance. It is therefore the teacher’s responsibility to coach and impart the relevant knowledge to their student. A teacher  must make the subject matter interesting and easy for students  to understand.
In  relevance to  this ,the delivery style must be attractive enough for the student to grasp what is being taught.
A teacher must make the class lively in order to attract the students attention.
Students must never ever give up in their quest  to acquire knowledge.
Remember, there are many  individuals out there who are willing to assist.  Therefore, it is  you as a student who must take the necessary initiatives to find a good teacher who suits your needs.

Never Ever Give Up !
There is no student who is stupid. It is simply that  one is  not guided well.
Remember you only need to invest your effort  and time in wanting to better yourself. Some level of sacrifice is required in accordance with the saying,  “ If there is no pain, then there is no gain”. Don’t merely see the pain as pain itself but internalise it as sacrifice for your future well being.
Take note that, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
It is you  who decides on the future direction of your  life.
So,  don’t procastinate any longer. Decide right away! Make the necessary sacrifices right now in order to achieve your aspired goals.
I wish you all the best to get started immediately.
Never Say Die! Push yourself forward and break your own limits. You undeniably possess the innate potentials  to break your own record each and every time you try therefore, flap your wings wide and saw high into the sky.

SIMPLE ! 6 steps Formula

S – Select right friends .
As the saying goes birds of a feather flock together. Your friends somehow would influence you. So, it is important to mingle with the friends with the right mind set.

I – Invest your time in doing adequate revision.
Read your textbooks and acquire additional knowledge by referring to reference materials.

M -  Master or teacher leads you forward.
Get the right teacher who can guide you and  make the subject matter easy  to understand. The right master will help ease your study burden as he will teach you the smart way to study.

P- Practice.
Practice plenty of questions. Remember practice makes perfect.

L – Lifestyle  
Eat well, take sufficient rest and exercise accordingly. Consume  a balanced diet that contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy and your brain vitalized.   

E- Energize the mind and soul.
Be motivated and inspired to better yourself in every aspect possible . The inspiration in you will keep the fire burning thus push you forward to achieve greater heights in life.

Fight Till Your Last Breath

Failing to plan is tantamount to planning to fail.
Identify your  short, medium and long term goals. Be clear  with your future  life direction. It is always crucial to emphasis the end in mind as then, the journey would not seem difficult.
Continually remind  yourself   of what you wish to achieve end  of the day.  For example, if you are sitting for PT3 exam this year then, be honest with yourself  and set  a target of how many A’s you aspire  to score. Next, write the  aspired  target of yours in large writings on a piece of manila card and stick it on your room wall. Look at it daily so that you constantly remind yourself of what you had pledged  to achieve. Remember! Whatever target you had commtted yourself to will only materialise if you truly internalise it and form strong meaning to it emotionally and psychologically.   Put in all your hardwork , your soul and your entire effort in going after what you had set out for. Believe in yourself absolutely and never ever look back on the challenges . Keep on moving   till you achieve what you had initially targeted for.


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