Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C

Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C
Cikgu Vijay, BSc (Hons) Uni.Malaya, Masters in Counselling, Currently pursuing Phd in Psychology & MBA

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to master your subject matter.

Simply follow the 7 easy steps as stated below

1. Select a teacher
Find a good teacher who can understand your issues and is able to simplify the subject matter in the way that you can understand best.

2. Listen well
Listen carefully and do concentrate fully when the teacher teaches.

3. Take notes
Do take down simple notes as the teacher explains. This would help you to recall the  key points  that had been conveyed by the teacher.

4. Revise at home
Go back and revise what was taught for the day in order to  refresh your memory  as repeated recollection of thought would increase your ability to remember what you had learned before.

5.  Practise
Carry out sufficient practise by doing questions on that topic. This allows you to test on the extent of your understanding of the topic as the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”

6. Get it marked
Get your work marked to validate the level of your understanding of the topic. You could mark it yourself if the answer is provided or get someone to mark it for you.  Do ensure if you choose to mark your work by yourself then, you must practice fairness  by ensuring that the work is marked  honestly.

7. Seek for explanation
Approach your teacher or refer to the reference books  to seek for explanation for those questions that you had got mistakes for. 


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