Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C

Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C
Cikgu Vijay, BSc (Hons) Uni.Malaya, Masters in Counselling, Currently pursuing Phd in Psychology & MBA

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cikgu Vijay had obtained his BSc(Hons) degree from University Malaya  (Majoring in Zoology and Minoring in Genetics), a Masters Degree in Counselling, and is a registered counsellor with Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (LKM). He was acknowledged as "Nation's Best "for his academic achievement by Malaysian Book of Records. Cikgu Vijay is currently pursuing a MBA Degree in International Marketing as well as undertaking a Phd research in the field of Psychology. Cikgu Vijay is a certified HRDF trainer. He is also an accredited NLP and NS practitioner. He too is a registered teacher with Education Department.

Cikgu Vijay was recognised as Nation's Best for his academic achievement by :

Cikgu Vijay is a powerful and experienced Maths and Science teacher, not only that, Cikgu Vijay makes learning easy as he instils the right techniques of answering, the appropriate study skills and the necessary tools and ways to overcome examination challenges and pitfalls.

Do participate in his UPSR, PT3 and SPM workshops and seminars on Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Add Maths

Interested individuals can invite Cikgu Vijay for school seminars or any other workshops to be organised by government institutions, non-governmental organisations or  private bodies on areas of academic enhancement, personal development, motivation and soft skill training.

Cikgu Vijay can be contacted at 012-6805900 or simply text to the above stated mobile number or email to  Do state your contact number, name and queries. You will be kept updated on the latest updates including upcoming programs, training sessions and any other relevant information.

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