Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C

Cikgu Vijay the best teacher for Science, Maths, Physics, C
Cikgu Vijay, BSc (Hons) Uni.Malaya, Masters in Counselling, Currently pursuing Phd in Psychology & MBA

Sunday, 31 May 2015

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Why do students fail in their studies?

1. Lack of interest.
Usually students are not guided appropriately.  They feel that the subject matter is difficult therefore, become frustrated with it and simply give up.

2. Directionless
Students lack vision and forward thinking. Many of them live in the present thus, fail to plan for their future. Furthermore, a vast number of them would not have envisaged a proper ambition to begin with. 

3. Peer influence
Most of the time we are significantly impacted by our peers in terms of what we discuss, how we spend our time and behavioral conduct that evolves from it. Friends can make a person and on the opposite extreme, friends can even break a person. Good positive company motivates one to strive harder and keep one in the right track as friends do help shape ones thoughts in a great way. 

4. Failure to practice
Homework should not be construed as being a burden. Its actual purpose is to give oneself sufficient practice in order to master a particular area of study.
Furthermore, it is crucial for students to invest their time daily to revise what had been taught at school for the day. 

5. Lack of self-motivation
Motivation can be obtained via two manner. The first being internally motivated whereby, one possesses a clear sense of direction in what they wish to achieve. Their goal is crystal clear as they have developed a burning desire to fuel their mind and soul that would help push them forward.
The second type is the external motivation. This type of motivation usually arises when one attends a motivational talk thus, gets inspired to excel in their undertakings. Furthermore, selecting a role model could also fall into this category.
Both internal and external motivation are crucial in fuelling ones emotions and to keep the spirit uplifted at all times. A high spirited individual commonly does well in his studies. 

6. Entangled in love
As a student, you should set your priorities right. Ask yourself about what are your immediate priorities.

Falling in love is not wrong but, the question is, can you manage it? Or, even allow it to spill over thus, causing it to jeopardize your studies? It is wise for you to focus on what is really important for now i.e., to strengthen the foundation for your future life specifically, by rewarding yourself with a good education that in turn opens up avenues for a successful tomorrow.

Perhaps , you could wait a little while before indulging in serious relationships at least, wait until you set foot into the university, or better still, be patient until you begin to fend for  yourself as then, you would have attained the maturity required to make the right decisions for your life.


Bravo to all those who had scored well for your UPSR. Undeniably, you truly deserve all the cheers and praises. You have worked hard therefore, managed to score wonderfully. Indeed, you had made your parents, teachers, school and country to be truly proud of you. All of us at Tuisyen  Rakan wish to extend our heartiest congratulation on your remarkable feat. However, this should not be your final and only achievement as you should consider this feat of yours to be a stepping stone towards greater success in time to come. You must continue your struggle for academic excellence as tougher challenges awaits you in the form of PT3 and SPM exams. Do not sit on your laurels as plenty of work is required of you in ensuring your consistency in your performance and continuity in your achievement. Take proactive measures by getting yourself geared up right away to face the next hurdles to come. Certainly, PT3 is even more challenging as all the exams are absolutely subjective in nature and more difficult as the standards has been greatly uplifted. You have the capability to repeat this success of yours in the coming exams.  You can do it and we at Rakan 100% believe in you. On the other hand, for those of you who have not achieved your aspired results this is the time for you to reflect on yourself and to identify what had went wrong. It is good for you to be honest and sincere to yourself by listing down all those wrong strategies which you had applied for this year’s exams. The war is still not lost as you can still make a turn around by realising your mistakes and weaknesses and to implement workable strategies to score in the next PT3 and SPM. You must make a comeback. The battle is yet to be won .If you are willing to put your heart and soul coupled with hard work and proper guidance, you too can emerge as a champion.
We at Rakan are ready to support you all the way to drill, coach, and inspire you in order to attain your aspired results in the next PT3 and SPM wars. Let’s work together to ensure that you obtain your aspired results.


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